Carpet services

Image Carpets is a full service business. No matter what carpet needs a client may have, we can provide them. 
No individual desires or ever should have a dirty carpet. We do a vast variety of cleaning which consists of but is not limited to: dusting, immersion wash, surface shampooing for sensitive pieces, spot cleaning and stain removal. The colors will be without a doubt more luminous and fluorescent and the difference in feel after cleaning is remarkable. 
Here, at Image Carpets there is no problem considered too severe. We repair, respore and conserve all types of handmade carpets such as: re-piling of worn areas, new weaving of holes and missing sections, new finishes, securing of loose ends, color correction and much more.  The work is handled in our domestic facility or overseas if the matter demands it. The turn-around time is rapid, meaning no carpet should ever exceed the time span of one year.
Movies, house styling, designers, weddings and other events have all and continue to benefit from our rental policy. If a rug perfects a scene, we have it in any size, design and color type. This is the absolute necessity to perfect the final atmospheric touch. 
Our appraisal service values single carpets, or whole collections for tax insurance or estate division purposes. 
Concerns about going away or changing residences? We can wrap and store your treasured carpets on our own highly secured premises. 
Consultation is available in a variety of forms. Not sure about a carpet or a whole decoration assemble of them? Complimentary help is available! Planning on collecting but need a form of direction? Image can guide you into a satisfying pathway to fulfill your needs. Investing for long term such as what to buy and when to sell? No other company can accurately predict the future the way Image can. Image has an extended history of working with oriental and antique carpets, and has a feel for style trends without a doubt. 
All of these services provided are competitively priced and are carried out with integrity, forethought and consideration. All services are directed towards a long-term client relationship and never a short term profit. We thank you in advance for always choosing Image Carpets.