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Antique Tabriz cotton Rug – 971116

Design No.:971116
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:8.6X14.7

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This antique Persian Tabriz carpet is unusual and rare for several reasons. Firstly, the sparkling white has been knotted in cotton contrasting both in texture and color with the closely clipped woolen pile. The use of white cotton to accent details only appears in Tabriz carpets of high quality. Nextly, the allover pattern is not symmetric but the vertical design axis has been shifted to the right exposing a more complete design section on the left. In the imagination the right hand section continues beneath the border. This clever conceit requires the viewer to imagine the infinite expanse of the pattern.

The borders frame the black field with a muted rust palmette main strip and floral minors. The contrast of saturated and mellow tonalities adds to the unusually eye catching overall effect.