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Mashhad Amogholi Rug -110103

Design No.:110103
Product Status:In Stock
Materials:Wool & Silk
Available Sizes:5X7

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This silk warps, wool pile niche design rug was woven by the famous Amoghli shops in Meshad and is signed in the upper border. Prpably originating in the 1940’s, The weave is extremely fine faraway knotted pile rug, 1369 knots per sqauere inch. The standard Emoghli density is about 900 knots per square inch. The rug must have been either a special order or a show piece of the workshop technical prowess. The navy blue prayer field has a main tall tree and sinuous secondary tall plants growing from the inside edgge

of the flower border,along with two side columns gracefully supporting the arch. the red spandrels display each a large silk palmette together with complex arabesques. The red main border is decorated with connected palmetts. As is the case with all true Amogli creations, there is a wide purple silk flat-weave on all four sides. the condition is exemplariy, as if the rug has been stored away or hung away from light.