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Antique Oushak Rug – 220604

Design No.:220604
Product Status:In Stock
Available Sizes:10.5X13.4

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Oushak, late 19th century

Oushak-Rug-220604 The Oushak weavers of the late 19th century were very eclectic, blending or modifying designs from other areas in their now antique Turkish carpets. Here a pale green field is decorated by a spacious rendition of the traditional Persian Harshang pattern, employing large palmettes, angular “goose necks” and fractional vines. The oyster main border continues the field pattern, but on a smaller scale adapted for a linear space. The outer minor stripe replicates this yet again on a still narrower scale. Like other Oushaks of this period, it was woven for export under the auspices of the European firms which controlled carpet production in the area at the time.